Gravity Edge System's Graviton stores your IT departments domain knowledge into a single configuration point for all of your servers and desktops running Linux.

It will allow you to keep all your computer systems synchronized, clean, up-to-date and make it incredibly easy to recover a system or an entire enterprise of systems in case of disaster.

Instead of deploying that one size fits all image to your systems.

Subscribe your hosts to the applications and packages they actually need.

Instead of visiting each server individually to apply an update, patch, or application.

Make global server changes in one place.

Instead of manually building up a list of important files and data you wish to backup.

Automatically generate your backup list, and retrieve the data.

Instead of worrying about compromised systems on your network.

Know that there aren't any compromised hosts.

If you're looking to roll out Linux® have an unmanageable deployment, or are looking for a change management solution, Graviton is the solution.

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